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We started our first morning in New York at 6am thanks to jet lag and were faced with the first challenge of the trip when we turned on the news. Although we had heard that Hurrican Harvey was en route to Texas, we had no idea of the magnitide of forecasted flooding and disaster. From this point onward in the USA the weather channel became our daily informant. We spent much of the morning watching the news casts projecting the devastation to come and made the difficult but inevitable decision that we would have to change our plans and remove our trip to Texas. After an hour or so spent cancelling hotels and car hires we set off on our first day in NYC.

Following advice from the concierge we decided to go for a hop on hop off bus tour as a quick way to see the main sights of the city in 2 days. After reading many reviews we decided to go with Grayline Tours. Although they were slightly more costly than some of the others I’m very glad we went with them as I can attest that they had more buses than any other providers, meaning that at each hop off and hop on we were able to get on another bus quickly enough. We managed to get a combo tour deal that allowed us to see downtown, uptown, Brooklyn and included a ferry tour.

We had a great 2 days seeing the sights of New York from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty (as everyone says, she is smaller than you would think).

We did a visit up to the Empire State Building early on our second day and were pleasantly suprised at the lack of queues, especially if you’re willing to take the stairs for the last 6 floors to the observation deck. We did and although the last flight nearly finished me off it was well worth it for the queue jump. Originally I was reluctant to pay to go up for the views, convinced that it would not be worth it and that it would be tremendously overcrowded. However, I’m glad that we went up in the end as it was a great experience, and although not the tallest building in New york, the views are widespread and breathtaking.

New York was great in getting us moving, we managed over 61,000 steps each in two days! Rather than take the subway we opted to walk everywhere to take in the sights and the overall feel of the place. We loved the typical scenes of New York that you see in the background shots of movies or really any episode of friends.

The thing that we found most difficult in New York was eating well on a budget. It’s one thing eating out extravagantly every day when you are on holiday for a week, but when that trip lasts months you can’t sustain that financially or healthily. Chinese food became our saving grace in New York as it was one of the cheaper foods to get and depending on what we ordered, could be a good way to pack in lots of vegetables. That being said, we still made room for the trademark burgers, pizzas and hot dogs of the city.

We really enjoyed our time in New York and are excited to head onto the next part of our journey, Niagara Falls. This will be a nice change from the city scene and we can’t wait!

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