The mysterious Nazca Lines

To break apart the long coach ride from Huacachina to Arequipa, we stopped off at the viewing tower to witness 3 of the infamous Nazca lines. There is still much mystery surrounding these massive drawings sculpted on the desert floor thousands of years ago. Astonishingly, they have never been maintained or altered and remain in their complete original form (apart of course from the poor line that has a road cutting it in half).

Although there was more of a view from the tower than from the ground, it was still difficult to make out the shapes without using your imagination. We ourselves could only really admit to making out the flat frog. To really appreciate the spectacle I think the best view would be from the airplane tours offered, but be warned that they come with a hefty price tag!

Although slightly disappointed with the underwhelming view, we still left with the tingle from the mystery surrounding the lines, wondering what the shapes could represent and how they could have been created all those years ago. Either way the stop offered a good photo opportunity, more people seemed to be taking pictures with the striking highway than of the lines themselves, and what can I say…we couldn’t resist!

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