The Journey Begins: The Americas

So this is it, the journey has finally begun! Those of you who know me will know that my husband Jason and I have spent the last few months preparing to take 6 months out and go travelling. This wasn’t a decision to make lightly as it has meant me leaving my job and Jason taking a sabbatical, but after a lot of thought we knew that it was the right next step for us.

You can often get to a place in life where you don’t know what the next step is, sometimes the perogative of having too many choices and opportunities (1st world probems ay) so rather than wait around and continue with the mundane drudgery of the everyday, we decided to take some time out and have an adventure. Hopefully this blog can give you a taste of some of our experiences along the way.

The route we have planned will cover The Americas, Africa, India and South East Asia, and as you can imagine, 6 months is not long to see all of these great places. The approach we’ve taken is to dip into each country, seeing some key sights and getting a taste for the local culture before moving on. For The Americas we will be starting in North America. We will spend a few days in New York before taking a road trip to Niagara Falls and hitting Allegheny National Nark (NP) on the drive back. Following that we plan to fly to Houston Texas and spend a few days driving to see the key sites such as Guadalupe NP and Fort Worth. We will then be flying East to spend a few days soaking in the amazing culture of New Orleans before spending a final day in Miami. After these 20ish days in North America we will head to Cancuun for a few days before ending our trip to the Amerias with a few weeks spent in Peru and Bolivia.

All that’s left now is to be on our way with our huge backpacks, wish us luck!

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