The Hotel from Hell!

We arrived in New York from Manchester with no major hiccups, a fairly smooth journey. The most notable thing to mention is the hotel that we stayed in the night before flying out. It really was awful, similar to what i would expect of a 1960’s drug hostel. We spent most of the night awake hearing the shrieking of other patrons through the air vents and the constant banging and brawling taking place in the corridor outside our room, whilst waiting with baited breath for someone to break down the door eventually and come to attack us – perhaps the frightful fancies of sleep deprived minds but also a very real possibility in that hell hole. Add to this the strong smell of weed emmimating from every turn and I can advise with confidence that you should never stay at the Ashley Hotel in Manchester. One thing that I can say it did teach us early on was that no matter how cheap a place might be to stay, the most important thing for us is to feel safe while we sleep. 

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