Crossing to Bolivia through Copacabana 

Leaving Puno, our Peru Hop coach had  been overbooked by 3 places – great planning – meaning there were no seats left for us. Fortunately we weren’t left stranded as the company organised a taxi for us and another couple to meet them at the border crossing. Travelling by taxi was a nice change to the slow pace of the coach, we left after it and managed to arrive before, even with some nice photo stops along the way.

The boarder crossing was nice and straightforward, an exit stamp on one side and an entry stamp on the other. The hardest part was easily the uphill walk to the office carrying heavy baggage at altitude. Thankfully Jason was getting good at carrying the bags on his own hehe.

After crossing the border, Copacabana was our first stop in Bolivia where we waited for the night bus to take us to the capital, La Paz.

Entering Copacabana, the first thing that strikes you is how the town has the feel of a once popular place that’s lost it’s charm. You could compare it to Margate before the recent rejuvenation began. The beach is full of old disused swan paddle boats, enough to keep hundreds of visitors entertained. Now you’re lucky to see even one in use.

That being said, it has still managed to retain some of it’s quirkiness, from its sea shell shaped hotel (missing a few panes of glass here and there) to its dancing hippies and dressed up baby alpacas. It is a peaceful enough place to while away a few hours while you wait for your next coach to arrive, but don’t go expecting the Copacabana in Barry Manalow’s song, or you will be sorely disappointed.


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